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Introduction to Information Systems: Supporting and Transforming Business / R. Kelly Rainer, Efraim Turban, Richard E. Potter

Book Cover Introduction to Information Systems: Supporting and Transforming Business
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Publisher: Wiley
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ISBN-10: 0471736368
ISBN-13: 9780471736363

Information technology lives all around us - in how we communicate, how we do business, how we shop, how we learn, even how we register for classes. Smart phones, iPods, PDAs, and wireless devices dominate our lives, and yet it's all too easy to take information technology for granted. Now, Rainer, Turban, and Potter's "Introduction to Information Systems" helps make information technology come alive in the classroom. This text takes students where IT lives - in today's businesses and in our daily lives - and helps them understand how valuable information technology is to their future careers. Throughout, the text connects IT to accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and operations, so students can discover how critical IT is to each functional area and every business. Technology to help students reach their full potential, "WileyPLUS" provides everything needed to create an environment where students can reach their full potential and experience the exhilaration of academic success. With "WileyPLUS", students can: interact with engaging activities for each chapter, including simulations and animations that help them visualize IT processes; develop IT solutions for a simulated music venue called Club IT; come to class better prepared for lectures; get immediate feedback and context-sensitive help on assignments and quizzes; and access a suite of learning resources, including a complete online version of the text. 80 per cent of students surveyed said it improved their understanding of the material. 76 per cent of students surveyed said it made them better prepared for tests. 69 per cent of students surveyed said it helped them get a better grade.
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