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Gridlock: Why We're Stuck in Traffic and What to Do About It / Randal O\'Toole

Book Cover Gridlock: Why We're Stuck in Traffic and What to Do About It
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Publisher: Cato Institute
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ISBN-10: 1935308238
ISBN-13: 9781935308232

Americans are the most mobile society in history, yet our transportation system is on the verge of collapse. Traffic congestion today is five times worse than it was 25 years ago. Many of our bridges are in desperate need of replacement. Worst of all, many transportation planners believe their job is to make congestion worse in order to discourage mobility. Gridlock reveals how we got into this mess and how we can fix it. The United States has two paths before it. Some say we should build an expensive network of high-speed trains and urban rail transit lines that will mainly serve a narrow elite. Gridlock argues instead that we should focus on improving methods of transportation that will increase everyone's mobility and pay for themselves, whether it's cars, buses, planes, or trains.
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