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Mobile Marketing Playbook / 360i

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Is this the Year of Mobile? For over a decade this proclamation has turned out to be premature, giving marketers ample reason to be skeptical. The difference looking forward to 2011 is that this is the first time that consumer behavior and mobile platforms have reached sufficient scale for mobile to move beyond an emerging media tactic for mainstream marketers.

To help guide marketers during this exciting time of transition, we’ve published the Mobile Marketing Playbook. Our comprehensive strategic report aims to help marketers evaluate the opportunities available, determine which ones are best for their brands and develop a strategy following best practices for achieving success in mobile marketing.

Specifically, the aim of the Mobile Marketing Playbook is to help marketers:
• Work within a framework for establishing a set of clear objectives for their mobile marketing strategy
• Move beyond the checklist approach with a filter for evaluating the myriad of opportunities within mobile
• Think of ways to use mobile to merge online and offline strategies, as a hub that bridges the gap
• Encourage a dialogue about what matters in mobile now, and what’s ahead for this new and exciting medium

In addition to leveraging the insights from members of the 360i mobile marketing team, the Playbook also includes guest commentary by industry luminaries Noah Elkin (Senior Analyst at eMarketer), Mickey Alam Khan (Editor in Chief at Mobile Marketer), Valerie Brown (Director of Consumer Marketing at Bravo) and Naoki Muramatsu (VP, Digital Business Development of Dentsu Holdings USA).
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