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GMAIL UNLOCKED: A Guide to Email Management for the Tech Savvy and the Rest of Us / Scott Lasak

Book Cover GMAIL UNLOCKED: A Guide to Email Management for the Tech Savvy and the Rest of Us
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ISBN-13: 978B005KRBQY7

Is email killing your productivity?   You’re not the only one.  The biggest time management and technology problem facing people today…

How to manage all our email?

This book is filled with guides, strategies and tips to help manage the ever-growing inbox.

•Have you recently joined or switched to Google’s Gmail?
•Or have you being using Gmail for ages and think it’s the best email application out there?

This book was written for you.  Gmail Unlocked is an easy-to-read, straight-forward guide to unlock the secrets and tricks of Gmail.

If you use Gmail, this is a must must read.

Inside you'll find:
•How to automate your email program to manage 80% (or better) of your email for you.
•How to declutter your inbox from the hundreds of “to do” style items that hang around as reminders.
•How to streamline the process of answering emails before they pile up in your inbox.
•Lots and lots of setting tweaks to make Gmail the super-useful powerhouse it can be.
•Strategies for handling your inbox.
•Tips to avoid checking your email on demand.

Written in sections to include useful information for everyone:
•Beginners (completely new to Gmail of any age or computer level)
•Intermediates (who have used Gmail for some time, but not to it’s full potential)
•Advanced tweaks for the real Gmail geeks out there (you know who you are)
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