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An interesting take on cinema to find the success sutra’s hidden in it. And it is not about the so called ART or PARALLEL cinema. But it is about the very commercial,very crowd pleasing and a very entertaining cinema of the superstar of the millennium- Amitabh Bachchan. From his iconic scenes to his cult dialogues to his memorable songs i try to discover the success secrets. I must admit that all the 18 shots that i have included in this book were not created with an intention to inspire a success literature. They were created to make a film as good as possible. But as a writer, as a thinker i tried to read between the lines. My efforts were heavily inspired by me being a film buff and a hardcore Bachchan fan. The book is not for any specific age group. Any body who wants to achieve success and semblance in life will find this book beneficial. If you are a film buff like me you will enjoy the book that much more. Cinema in the past was considered a source of evil, today it is the primary source of entertainment for majority of Indians. In between these two poles of evil and entertainment, I, with this book try to find education in cinema.