Don’t let anyone, especially yo self, stop youWightman Tim

When you love someone, tell them.When you think someone or some form of another person’s appearance looks nice, tell them.
Speak up, be social, it doesn’t cost anything to be kind.Tori Pz

Always write something, even if you don’t have any ideas or plans. Write SOMETHING down, no matter what it is. Do what you can to fight against the blank page. Practicing like this will ensure that you can write like a pro when you do have ideas.Skyler Isaac

Sure go aheadSachin Jamnik

Be careful or you’ll end up in my novel!Sonja Johansen Waters

Never Stop Exploring Yourself !Meenakshi Chugh

Do what you can stand.Marc A Terry Sr

Learn to laugh at yourself or someone will do it for you.Marc A Terry Sr

Write for yourself, you will always be your worst critic.Scott Clegg