A Man with Bandages

14 year old girl was walking alone in a cool winter midnight. The streets were deserted and suddenly she heard a sound of tip toe of man’s feet. She was scared as she did not know ho was following her. She turned back and their was a man whose face was covered with bandages and he was wearing goggles, hat,long boats ,overcoat and gloves and holding a brown bag.This situation for her was very scary one. For a moment she thought that it was a ghost.

She ran away from there as she was turning back home. She choose another path to go home but the man came there also.The man was continuously following her,Then she walked faster and faster the man also started running behind her.

Then suddenly she stopped and the man came behind her.He took a knife from his pocket.The girl was very scared and about to scream and she thought that the man is going to kill her with knife at any time.The man said to the girl “Do you want to buy a knife”.Then the girl asked the man why he was following her,then the man said that i am a poor salesman whose knifes were not being sold.Due to harsh weather conditions the man was wearing bandages over the face.