The Beginning after the End by Hafsa Idrees

Book Cover The Beginning after the End

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The Beginning after the End

A beautiful Story of real Love and Devotion

What can the fear of losing the ones we love push us to do? In Chrissie s case, it has pushed her to distance herself from Allan, the man she loves more than anything else in the world. She knows he will not marry her, that they don t have a future together. But why does out of sight not mean out of mind ?

The wall that Chrissie has built around herself becomes a prison. As she fights for survival in the cold world she has created, she gets an unexpected letter from Allan. This letter changes her life forever.

“Hafsa Idrees tells an extraordinary story that will make you think about life, death, love and faith like nothing before. The Beginning after the End is a book with a big big heart and a deep deep soul. You don t enter its world – it enters yours.”