Mysterious Moorings with Mouse – Magical Canal Boat & new mystical characters

This is a collection of three enchanting illustrated fantasy stories for children up to approx 12 years.
The stories help children to use their imagination and the books are illustrated.
The main character in the books is ‘Mouse’, a small magical canal boat that is looked after by Mr & Mrs Bobbins. The stories introduce children to mystical new characters that have their own idiosyncrasies, such as Mildred the Elephant with an itchy bum, Felix the Fumblebee and identical twins Tippy & Tilly from Willowwood Snug who finish each other’s sentences!
Each book has a different story with children who all need something wonderful to happen in their lives.
The books are written in plain English that make easy reading for children or great as a bedtime story read by adults.
Kitty Irvine is being compared to the famous Enid Blyton and the books are receiving 5-star reviews on Amazon and in National Magazines.
Available as ebook and paperback on Amazon, Apple Books ebay, esty etc

Book Cover Mysterious Moorings with Mouse: Sam & Lucy's Magical Canal Adventure

Book Cover Mysterious Moorings with Mouse: Fred & Lottie's Magical Canal Adventure