Isn’t overpopulation a bad thing? It’s causing inequality among people sometimes. In developing and underdeveloped countries, rich people have more money than poor people; more food than poor people. Middle class people also suffer from poverty to some extent. The question is why? Why do most of the rich people have to be so boastful that they only want more and more not caring about the poor? Why are they so selfish about themselves? Why don’t poor people get enough right? Poors can’t even pay for their food and they are tortured violently. They can’t even speak for themselves because they are labelled as POOR. Why? Aren’t they human beings? Don’t they have flesh and blood like us? Rich people don’t have a different coloured blood to be so proud of. Rich people will also be burred the same way as poor do. So why so pride and greed? You won’t take your belongings with you after you die! Wake up guys. Treat poor people as human beings. Stop abusing them. They also get hurt by rude and abusing behaviors.

Some good books about this issue

Book Cover The Threat of Overpopulation (Earth Issues)

Book Cover The Land Is Full – Addressing Overpopulation in Israel