The Parallel Earths

Growing up, i was told that we have nine planets in the universe. They were basically Mars, Venus Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranium, Neptune, and Pluto.

Howbeit, science has appeared to have transcended that notion as claims of discovery other parallel Earths have emerged. Simply, there are possibilities that scientists, in a not too distant future, would come up with the discovery of various Earths.

I am of the belief that the emergence of the parallel Earths claim is a depiction of the possibilities of multi-verses(multiple universes) in an ever-expanding situation. There are infinite species of humanity all around the multiple universes that scientists, i believe, would unravel, over time.


Perhaps, the Earth we know and live in could be existing with its contemporary parallel equivalent; at the same wavelength but different frequencies. Of course, there are also life forms as well! Who knows!!! They may be the replicas of you and i, operating on a similar or, perhaps, different timeline, in that ”world”! Time will tell, right?