Book Cover Taos the Wizard Mouse: The Swimming Pool

Available on Kindle as well as paperback

Taos is a mouse wizard with green eyes, who likes to solve different tasks using his magic knowledge.
This book is the 4th from the Taos the Wizard Mouse books rhyme series. In the series, Taos tries to resolve different quests or mysteries in his magical realm.
The series are  in this order: The Sage Cheese, A Firend’s Help, The Bear’s Favor, The Swimming Pool and the last one The King’s Request.

In this this book, The Swimming Pool, the creek which cross Taos’s village started to drain very fast. So, Taos starts a quest to find out why the village’ creek have drained.

The village was crossed by a little creek
Which had its source on the mountain peak 

This is a graphical book and it is written in rhymes. It is a book that can be read on any hour, however, I recommend to be read at bed night moment.

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