Natural Childhood: The First Practical and Holistic Guide for Parents of the Developing Child / John Thomson

Book Cover Natural Childhood: The First Practical and Holistic Guide for Parents of the Developing Child
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/ John Thomson
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As a parent, you naturally want to give your children the best possible childhood, to bring out their positive, individual qualities, and to acknowledge them as fully creative beings, so that they may achieve a satisfied, motivated, healthy, and self-confident adulthood. But if, as a parent, you demand more than what you find in any traditional parenting guide, then you will need Natural Childhood, the first holistic book that guides parents from the birth of their child through age seven.

Natural Childhood offers:

  • Practical exercises in listening which open the channels for good communication between parent and child

  • Games and activities for the whole family which introduce the natural world, presenting a deeper understanding of the rhythms of the seasons and their influence in our everyday live

  • Projects in creative and cooperative play which help to stimulate the imagination of the growing child

The ideas of enlightened thinkers such as Rudolf Steiner, John Holt, and Carl Rogers provide new insights into the internal development of the child. By weaving together the work of leading psychologists, educators, counselors, and doctors, Natural Childhood explores a wealth of new ideas as well as the more traditional aspects of relationships, education, health, creativity, and play.
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