Essentials of College Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences and Social Sciences (3rd Edition) / Raymond A. Barnett, Michael R. Ziegler

Book Cover Essentials of College Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences and Social Sciences (3rd Edition)
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/ Raymond A. Barnett, Michael R. Ziegler
Publisher: Prentice Hall
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ISBN-13: 9780023059315
This book offers an outstanding algebra review, detailed coverage of finite mathematics — and sound treatment of both differential and integral calculus. This edition offers thorough coverage of the graphing calculator and computer through optional exercises and supplements. The largest, most varied selection of applications available will convince even the most skeptical reader that mathematics is useful. There are over 300 worked examples included, presented in example-solution-matched problem format to encourage active learning. The book includes over 3,800 carefully selected and accurate problems divided into A, B, and C level of difficulty. Carefully selected and organized topics are structured to provide maximum flexibility in selection of material, with a Chapter Dependency Chart included in the Preface. Added optional graphics calculator and computer exercises give the reader excellent hands-on practice. Revised topical coverage includes the review of basic set theory, expanded coverage of counting techniques — now including sets and Venn diagrams — is presented in two sections as opposed to one, rewritten and expanded section on factoring polynomials now includes applications of the quadratic formula to factoring second-degree polynomials, and material on inverse matrices and systems of equations is now presented in two sections.
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