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The philosophy of the second edition of Music! Its Role and Importance in Our Lives is a sociological approach to the study of music. It contains history but is not a historical approach. There are nine units, with a total of 27 chapters. It is an activity-based program with over 450 activities. This edition fully incorporates the National Standards for Arts Education. More media and technology are added to create dynamic links with the other performing arts, and to create a variety of ways to promote composition, arrangement, and understanding of music. Music! is a Unique, Activity-Rich High School Music Program Using a sociologically based approach, Music! includes an exciting array of brand new features and resources, all of which combine to make it the most comprehensive high school music program available. Each unit highlights a reason people value music: . to tell us who we are . to invite us to move . to let us perform . to enhance expression . to understand life's meaning . to allow us to create . to tell the story of our lives . to characterize an age, and . to share our humanity. Internet Connections provide meaningful activities, further opening the world of music to students. A new bound-in Theory Handbook is fully integrated with the core lessons. It addresses five major theory studies, broadening the appeal of the book to band, choir, and orchestra students. Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) technology allows students to play, improvise, create, and analyze music with a MIDI sequencer. Unit Encore feature offers high-interest topics related to unit themes and introduces new music selections and activities.
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