Physics: A Practical and Conceptual Approach (Saunders Golden Sunburst Series) / Jerry D. Wilson

Book Cover Physics: A Practical and Conceptual Approach (Saunders Golden Sunburst Series)
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/ Jerry D. Wilson
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ISBN-10: 0030960355
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This full-color introductory text presents a nonmathematical survey of physics concepts for liberal arts and nonscience majors. Instructors and students appreciate a truly conceptual approach that limits a discussion of mathematics to an appendix. Students learn how physical principles apply to their environment through explanations of commonly observed phenomena. Includes current coverage of topics such as superconductivity, inflation of auto airbags, and nuclear energy and waste storage pique student interest. Two multiple choice questions begin each chapter-end Question section, offering a unique alternative to standard pedagogical formats. In-text "Home Experiments" give students a convenient opportunity to apply principles using simple materials. More than a dozen pictorial "Physics in Action" illustrate physics phenomena.
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