Hide Your Assets and Disappear: A Step-by-Step Guide to Vanishing Without a Trace / Edmund Pankau

Book Cover Hide Your Assets and Disappear: A Step-by-Step Guide to Vanishing Without a Trace
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/ Edmund Pankau
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In Hide Your Assets and Disappear, a master gumshoe gives some straight information about how to cover your trail and protect your money from the government and creditors. Edmund J. Pankau, a writer and acclaimed private investigator, believes that individual rights, privacy, and benefits are slowly eroding in the United States, but that there are ways--legal and illegal--to beat the authorities. "The choice is yours to make," writes Pankau, "Don't be the one that someday says, 'I wish I could have done that.'"

Pankau despises domestic tax laws. He urges people to hire a good attorney to help plan a move offshore to a sunny clime with low taxes, bank-privacy rules, and simpler, cheaper living. He recommends New Zealand, Belize, Costa Rica, and Honduras, where the island of Roatan is his own personal hideaway. And for those who truly need to disappear, Pankau explains how amazingly easy it is to obtain a second or third passport, become a new person or stage a phony death.

Pankau is also a powerful advocate for asset-protection planning. The book features some nifty moves to block creditors with bankruptcy laws. There are also methods to maximize state and federal tax exemptions and maneuvers to shield a personal residence, real estate, stocks, or pension accounts from taxes and potential creditors or lawsuits.

The book is for hard-core freedom seekers. It's also recommended for people interested in more conventional techniques for protecting money, property, and other valuables. --Dan Ring
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