Database System Concepts: Solutions Manual / Henry F. Korth, A. Silberschatz

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/ Henry F. Korth, A. Silberschatz
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Inc.,US
Sales Rank: 9807946
ISBN-10: 0070447551
ISBN-13: 9780070447554
This is a major revision of the bestselling "Database Systems" text for undergraduate courses offered in departments of computer science, computer engineering and electrical engineering. Special features include: a focus on network and hierarchical models giving increased emphasis to the relational model; an intuitive, rather than formal approach giving students a headstart on intuitive thinking; many examples, problems, and cases from the real world of computers. New to this edition are: expanded coverage of SQL and QBE; a new chapter on integrity constraints; improved relational algebra and relational calculus notation that simplifies the discussion of such difficult concepts as safety of queries; coverage of new directions in a completely revised Chapter 14, namely object-oriented databases, datalog, and long duration transactions.
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