Developing Web Applications in PHP and AJAX / B. M. Harwani

Book Cover Developing Web Applications in PHP and AJAX
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/ B. M. Harwani
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AMP (Apache, PHP and MySQL) and AJAX are among the most popular programming languages as they support a variety of databases and help develop websites rapidly and economically. The growing demand for them thus brings in the dire need for a systematic understanding and use of these tools for developing highly responsive websites and fully functional web applications. Written from the author's vast teaching and research experience, Developing Web Applications in PHP and AJAX caters to this need of professionals, trainers web developers and students. Highlights: * Explains features and applications of PHP, PHP scripts, PHP frameworks, and instructions for installing Apache server, PHP and MySQL servers * Discusses functions of AJAX, steps for installing AJAX, and step-by-step procedure of developing an AJAX-based Shopping Cart project * Demonstrates the use of NuSOAP toolkit for developing server- and client side web services and consuming publicity available web services. Web Supplement: Two Shopping Cart projects to be developed in PHP and AJAX The projects can be downloaded from: hppt://
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