The Path: Find Fulfillment through prosperity from Japan's Father of Management / Konosuke Matsushita

Have a dream that inspires. Nurture your ability to embrace differences. Seek out challenges--scale one mountain after another. Face challenges that matter-learn to "fight with real swords."these and other lessons were the constants in the life of konosuke matsushita, founder of the panasonic businessempire. In this first complete english translation of the path, matsushita's timeless advice will benefit anyone who desires to lead better by living better.for the first time in english, the complete translation of one of the most popular and important management books ever japan, the name konosuke matsushita is spoken with a hushed reverence. Even now, twenty-one years after his death, matsushita-san is praised by some as "the godof management," and he remains one of the most influential and inspirational business thinkers ever. Founder and father of the global corporation panasonic, matsushita saw the creation of wealth not as a goal or destination but as a voyage. And in the path, matsushita shared the wisdom and insights acquired on his journey: how to inspire true innovation at all levels, manage through difficult times, and create lasting value and a great legacy.written humbly from a platform of accomplishmentvirtually unparalleled among businesspersons, the path demonstrates to readers today the many ways each of us can find within ourselves the strength and focusto do good by doing well. Brief, beautifully stated chapters offer an unconventional management philosophy that you can apply universally, as well as to specific everyday situations:when you have to make important decisionsto further improve your workto cultivate a spirit of independenceto further expand your businessfor the country to prosperfor more than four decades, the path has been a perennial bestseller, with nearly 4.5 million copies sold worldwide.
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