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/ Howard Abadinsky,
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Written from an insider s view, this text provides an up-to-date and comprehensive examination of a field that is undergoing significant change.

Probation and Parole: Theory and Practice, 12e looks at the history of the field, how it moved from a focus on treatment/rehabilitation and the indeterminate sentence, toward a model based on control/law enforcement and the determinate sentence. It offers a logical, student-friendly approach. Written by a former community corrections professional, the author provides an insider s view on how these changes affected the roles and responsibilities of probation and parole officers. In contrast to competing texts, the author weaves his experience with the practices of probation and parole agencies throughout the United States to provide a realistic, state-of-the-art view of the field. The use of cognitive behavior therapy and motivation interviewing, broken windows /community-based supervision, and the importance of evidence-based practice are examined.

Teaching and Learning Experience

This book will help students gain an insider s view of the rapidly changing field of community corrections/probation and parole. It provides:

  • Realistic insider s view of the field: Drawn from the author's vast experience as a retired community corrections professional with the NYS Division of Parole, as well as his academic credentials (MSW, PhD)
  • Relevant psychological and sociological theory: Applies social science theory to the practicalities of community corrections
  • Learner-focused, active learning with strong pedagogical support: Reinforces chapter information to ensure mastery, and offers extensive pedagogical support for more effective study

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