Enterprise Ajax LiveLessons (Video Training): Building Robust Ajax Applications / David W. Johnson, Alexei White, Andre Charland

Book Cover Enterprise Ajax LiveLessons (Video Training): Building Robust Ajax Applications
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/ David W. Johnson, Alexei White, Andre Charland
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Enterprise Ajax

Building Robust Ajax Applications


David Johnson, Alexei White, and Andre Charland


8+ Hours of Video Instruction


1.         Introduction to AJAX Learning Objectives          7:06

2.         JavaScript Basics Learning Objectives    82:15

3.         Ajax Debugging Learning Objectives      25:20

4.         The XMLHttpRequest Object and Data Learning Objectives  29:15

5.         Introduction to Ajax Frameworks Learning Objectives     127:45

6.         Test-Driven Ajax Development Learning Objectives        49:40

7.         Offline Ajax Learning Objectives           47:45

8.         Ajax Security Learning Objectives          41:39

9.         Ajax Usability Learning Objectives         36:44

10.        Ajax User Interface Patterns Learning Objectives           38:51


Just click, watch, and learn all the Ajax techniques and best practices you need to build robust, high-performance Ajax applications—or bring Ajax-based usability improvements to your existing enterprise systems. It’s all the power of the best live Ajax training, for a tiny fraction of the cost!


In this one-of-a-kind video package, three leading Ajax developers show you exactly how to build reliable, scalable, high-performance Ajax-based Web applications at the enterprise level. You’ll master state-of-the-art Ajax development through more than eight hours of video lessons covering every facet of Ajax development, from CSS and DOM manipulation in JavaScript through the use of advanced Ajax user interface design patterns.


Just click and watch: One step at a time, you’ll master everything from asynchronous requests using the XMLHttpRequest object and JSON data exchange, through state-of-the-art Ajax frameworks and offline Ajax techniques. You’ll discover practical solutions for Ajax debugging, security, and usability. You will also learn how to apply Test-Driven Development techniques to your Ajax development projects.


Everything’s taught visually, using enterprise-class sample applications, and all the sample code’s on the DVD. You’ll master essential enterprise Ajax best practices at your own pace…start at the beginning or drill down to any of the 47 individual videos…and quickly get specific answers and solutions whenever you need them…learn how to deliver production-quality Ajax solutions faster and more effectively than ever!


For all developers who want to leverage Ajax to enhance legacy application interfaces or build new Web applications that were never feasible before.


Looking for a better way to master today’s rapidly changing technologies? Want expert help, but don’t have the time or energy to read a book? Can’t find classroom training worth the money? Discover LiveLessons: self-paced, personal video instruction from the world’s leading experts.


  • LiveLessons are video courses, on DVD with a book supplement, that are organized into bite-sized, self-contained sessions—you’ll learn key skills in as little as five minutes!
  • Each session begins with well-defined learning objectives, so you can  zero-in on those skills that matter the most to you.
  • Follow along as your instructor shows exactly how to get great results in your real-world environment.


David Johnson, cofounder and CTO of Nitobi Software, specializes in architecting and building high-performance Ajax components and user interfaces for use in Web-based applications. Johnson has spoken about Ajax and Web development at events worldwide, including AJAXWorld, XTech, and JavaOne.


Alexei White is a developer, designer, and user-experience advocate. He is the primary architect of RobotReplay (www.robotreplay.com), a next-generation web-analytics tool by Nitobi and SayZu (www.sayzu.com), an Ajax-driven, up-and-coming market research and e-learning service. He has spoken and written widely on Ajax development.


Andre Charland, cofounder, president, and CEO of Nitobi, has been involved in Internet software development for the past seven years. He has spoken widely on Ajax, blogging, and Web usability.


Johnson, White, and Charland are the authors of Enterprise AJAX published by Prentice Hall.


System Requirements

     •    Operating System: Windows 98, 2000, XP, or Vista; Mac OS/X

     •    Multimedia: DVD drive, 1024 x 768 or higher display, and sound card with speakers

     •    Computer: 500MHz or higher, 128MB RAM or more


Web Development/Ajax





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