Business to Business Marketing: Relationships, Networks, and Strategies / Nick Ellis,

Book Cover Business to Business Marketing: Relationships, Networks, and Strategies
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/ Nick Ellis,
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Business to Business Marketing provides a comprehensive introduction to the main theoretical and managerial issues in B2B marketing, increasing students' awareness of its significance in both local and global modern economies.

Organized into four parts, this innovative text shows how B2B marketing entails managing the complex network of buying and selling relationships between organizations. It includes detailed discussions of the role of individual managers and the organizations they represent; outlines possible managerial solutions to common B2B marketing dilemmas; and examines such issues as e-commerce in B2B markets, key account management, and supply-chain ethics. The author carefully interweaves theoretical material with a series of long and short case examples.


** Incorporates a wide range of pedagogical aids including:

* "Mini-cases" from a variety of international contexts
* "Voices" text boxes featuring insights from practitioners, who discuss the challenges they face
* "Number-crunching" boxes that highlight how an organization's sales, profits, and number of workers depend on successful B2B marketing
* "Food for Thought" boxes encouraging students to think about the recommendations in the text
* Longer case studies that illustrate specific marketing issues

* Integrates cases and examples from companies operating in various markets around the world

* Addresses hot B2B-related topics including fair trade, retailer power, overseas sourcing, and green marketing

* Relates B2B marketing to business-to-consumer marketing

* Shows how to optimize the benefit from business networks and manage potential risks from these relationships

* A Companion Website contains numerous resources for students and instructors (click link at upper right)

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