Real Eyes Realize Real Lies: Heal Your Heart / Marie, Devon

Book Cover Real Eyes Realize Real Lies: Heal Your Heart
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/ Marie, Devon
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Real Eyes Realize Real Lies: Heal Your Heart is fictional short stories based on true events in the author's, Devon Marie, Life.It is her journey to healing from sexual abuse as a child, divorce, and toxic relationships as an adult. Sadie sat down at her computer one morning to beginwriting. She did not have hours scheduled for hercustomer service job with Carnival Cruise Lines, soshe thought she might get a lot more done today.However, as she sat there thinking about the date andhow much her heart had been hurting the past fewweeks, she couldn't hold it in. She placed her head inher hands and tears began welling in her eyes. "No!"She shouted and started to pick up the deck of cardsagain. They shot out everywhere on her first shuffle."UGH!!" 52 card pickup was nobody's favorite game."But God, I don't want to..." She whispered.Sadie knew He was right. Others needed the healing.She knew many had hurt, silently with and for her. Noone ever pushed her to talk too much about personalor overly sensitive things. They knew if she wanted totalk about what she was going through, she would.Sadie had never been able to talk about this though.But now, she had to.
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