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For as long as I can remember, I was beleaguered by doubt and uncertainty regarding a set of laws that were impressed upon me by religion and then, by Christianity; first as a child and then again, as I grew older. As was the case with many others who were brought up in strict and God-fearing environments, I was not permitted to question my parents’ or their astuteness, so I began to seek my answers from God Himself. I was anxious to satisfy my doubts and fears, and I was desperate for adequate answers that would feel right and sit well with my soul. Up until then, I had barely understood The Bible but as a result of my extreme apprehension and frantic search for answers, I turned to take a closer look at His Word. I began to look at The Word in a different light and I embarked upon a journey to identify how I felt when I had encountered a specific verse that I needed an answer from, from the Bible. I realised that my journey to find the answers I so desperately needed came through not only The Bible, but through messages that were sent to my soul in the every day to day happenings in my life, and by people who were placed onto my path at a specific moment in time. It was and remains my journey and my answers to my questions; your reservations may be the same, but your answers may vastly differ. By speaking to others, I have realized that their understanding of “an answer” may not be the same as mine and I understand this as being the message that God wants us to receive individually at that very moment and for that precise moment of turmoil. Solving our own personal and intimate mysteries comes through all walks of life; from the strangest and unexpected of places, but if we truly seek them, we will find them. Even though my questions were directed to God; my answers came from The Bible through His Word and from messages another soul would send to mine.
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