Gates of She'ol / Fulkerson, Justin

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/ Fulkerson, Justin
Publisher: The Rooster and The Pig Publishing
Sales Rank: 8652366
ISBN-10: 0692516115
ISBN-13: 9780692516119

Years ago, a serial killer held Lubbock, Texas hostage. Killing numerous children, the beast fed. After a long ordeal, several men imprison the monster with rings fashioned from otherworldly metal and screwed through their fingers, their pulse keeping it at bay. Demetrio is the last of the men to survive, eaten up with cancer and buried in the throes of dementia, he struggles to warn his granddaughter Amy of the impending doom headed her way when the beast is released. Four strangers are brought together by chance to capture the beast once again before it resumes it's murderous rampage. When Richard's granddaughter Jenny is abducted, they soon realize all their own weaknesses and insecurities must be overcome in order to succeed. Using instructions left by Demetrio, they prepare to enter She'ol in order to procure the tools needed to defeat the Beast if they don't kill each other first.
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