London Reign / A. C. Britt

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/ A. C. Britt
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Boston's Boldest Boy-Toy London s got a huge secret...and doesn t want it to ever come out! As this attractive, aggressive, androgynous teenager relentlessly tries to hide this dangerous scandal, charming London constantly battles great turmoil, the unpredictability of inner-city streets, verbal lashings and extreme physical abuse from an alcoholic father while enduring an exhausting tug-of-war of a tumultuous love triangle. Bouncing back-and-forth to the urban streets of Boston and Detroit, after being seriously rejected from family and ostracized from home, young London experiences a series of life-altering events that test London s strength, courage, survival skills, identity, and the quest for real love, acceptance and understanding. LONDON REIGN deals with sexuality, relationships, monogamy, gender roles, love, lust and betrayal.
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