Finding God On Mapquest / Jennifer Rankins,

Book Cover Finding God On Mapquest
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/ Jennifer Rankins,
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I could still hear my mother explaining to my brother Charlie and me about the history of creation. That was after wed moved into that small apartment leaving behind half of our belongings and things went downhill from there. After that, mom was on a mission to erase all that God stuff from our little heads. Mother would pull out her easel and draw pictures on construction paper to make her point clearer. No Adam, mother said. No Eve. No creating people out of dirt. No God. It was evolution. Now you say it. Ev-o-lu-tion. Four syllables. Say it, she insisted. Ev-o-lu-tion, me and my brother Charlie would repeat it. But neither one of us understood what the word meant, and Charlie was more confused because he was much younger and I was. I just want you to know what side of the fence were on, mother tried. We dont believe in God anymore, as if we hadnt figured that out yet. Later Charlie confessed that when he heard about God in school, he equated him to just another person just like the principle was to him. Any other kids in your school atheists? Mother had asked. *We couldn*t tell. Our mother had said they were probably scared to admit it even if they were. But she was sure there were plenty since the steel mills had closed. Mother said they were probably too scared to let anyone else know that God had let them down also. Scared of whom? Charlie asked, God? Well, they wouldnt be scared of God if they didnt believe in him, now would they Charlie?* And that's how my quest began.
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