Dream of Atlantis: A Mystical Adventure of Soul Mate Love, Loss, Karma, & Destiny / P. A. McAlister,

Book Cover Dream of Atlantis: A Mystical Adventure of Soul Mate Love, Loss, Karma, & Destiny
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/ P. A. McAlister,
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Frustrated romance novelist Lisa Burke meditates with a quartz crystal she has found on a Cape Cod beach, and discovers she can travel repeatedly to a past life in Atlantis. There, she meets Sylor, her true love, and learns she is the reincarnation of his deceased wife, Hollina. Lisa must soon make a choice; stay in a doomed Atlantis with Sylor, or stay in the present without him. But is any of this real? Is her mind creating a new novel? What does this all have to do with the downfall of Atlantis, and what of the unthinkable mission she is told she must accomplish with her tormented beloved? Is Sylor alive in the present? Lisa truly fears for her sanity when her friend from childhood comes back into her life. Karen has taught her about meditation, but does not believe what Lisa is telling her about her experiences, making Lisa question everything, including her relationship with Karen. But Lisa does have an ally with Scott, her new friend, who has had an experience of his own. And a long held secret is also finally revealed. Join Lisa as she faces her failed past and learns that anything is possible.
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