All Roads Lead to Dallas: Far Away--The Journey Begins (Cobra's Den) (Volume 1) / Ginger Driskill Simpson

Book Cover All Roads Lead to Dallas: Far Away--The Journey Begins (Cobra's Den) (Volume 1)
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/ Ginger Driskill Simpson
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Meet Cobra, the CIA's super covert secret weapon. Five feet nothing and one hundred pounds, she knows five martial arts, close quarter battle and is a trained assassin. After spending most of her life working alone, she becomes the leader of an elite group of operatives known as The Cobra Den. The best of three units, they are the last resort. There's only one problem. She has developed a code of honor. She won't kill. Thirty four year old Cobra thinks she is resigning and moving to Miami to start over. The members of her Den resign and move with her. But retirement isn't in the cards for Cobra and her team. She is plagued by her past; hiding a dark secret; tormented by guilt and seeking forgiveness. She needs redemption. And for her, it won't come easily. As she battles her own demons and recent insanity, there is a crazed serial killer out to destroy her. And a handsome homicide detective who seems to want to save her. What will Miami and the future hold for Cobra? For her Den? Will she find the forgiveness she so desperately seeks before she loses herself once again to the tormented world of her mind and soul? Join Cobra as she seeks a spiritual plane she has never experienced, falls in love, finds her true nature and meets the God who delivers from fear, despair and loneliness. But will the love of Lt. Stephen Hayes always be just out of reach? Will happiness always be so far away?
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