Unlocking The Keystone Exam: Literature A Study Guide for Success /

Our study guide for both Module I and Module II of the Literature Keystone Exam provides 7 chapters (or Keys) of test practice with answer explanations, skill review, test tricks, and exposure to Keystone Exam-like testing language. Additionally, the full-length exam mimics both modules of the Keystone Exam. Our workbook offers a student-friendly guide to Keystone Exam prep that is conversational, relatable, and readable. As PA classroom teachers, we knew first hand that some of our students performed poorly on standardized exams, despite knowing their material. After a year spent studying the PA Eligible Content and sample questions, we identified the specific skills and question types that show up most frequently on the Keystone Exam. We also identified strategies and test tricks that are helpful, not only on the Keystone Exam, but on many different standardized tests. This workbook was designed with four goals in mind: 1. To Train Your Brain: These activities will review the skills that will be tested on the Keystone. This is good news because these are skills that have already been learned in English class. 2. To Teach Test Tricks: These activities give tips on how to answer questions when students experience trouble selecting the correct answer choice. 3. To Think Like a Test Maker: These activities will show how the Test Makers think. By creating their own questions and answers, students will unlock the mysteries of the exam. Once they begin thinking like a Test Maker, they will become better Test Takers. 4. To Provide Test Practice: These practice tests will be similar in format and content to those found on the Keystone Exam. By exposing students to similar questions, we are hoping to eliminate their anxiety. At Keys Test Prep, we believe that students who understand their coursework deserve to pass the test.
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