Crimson & Carius 2: Real Trap Love / Nikki Nicole

Book Cover Crimson & Carius 2: Real Trap Love
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/ Nikki Nicole
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“They really took my heart away from me? I guess it's true; love is only temporary? I know I shouldn’t have got used to loving you. Carius Deon Griffey Jr. I don’t regret loving you!”Crimson and Carius have been through it all together. We've witnessed their highs and a few of their lows. They shared a few smiles as their love was on the rise. Our hearts skipped a beat when we witnessed the birth of one of their babies. BABY, when I say it was a sight to see, when Carius helped Crimson reach her peak. Their haters were going crazy and they couldn’t take it. It got so deep they made a vow and succeeded to stop Carius heart from beating. These past few months she can barely keep up with Carius been gone she hasn’t woken up. They say the good die young huh? Crimson Rose Tristan will never let the words Long Live Griff escape from her lips. She doesn’t care what the coroners say, without a body and proof of an autopsy she doesn’t believe anybody. LOVE? What's that? If you ask Crimson, it's something that's too good to be true. It's always been foreign to HER. Forget love nobody ever loved HER. The moment she had a piece of love somebody took that from HER. In a world full of chaos. In a city full of drama. In a hood full of heat. A beautiful red rose it’s about to shed some blood in these grimy East Atlanta streets. Y'all readers ain't ready I've been unleashed, be prepared to meet the beast. That chick Keondra gone see me.
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