How I Won A Man At Bingo: True Story (Mirabelle's Erotica Books) / Mirabelle Milan

Book Cover How I Won A Man At Bingo: True Story (Mirabelle's Erotica Books)
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/ Mirabelle Milan
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Mirabelle Milan writes erotic novels with charming boldness. The story "How I Won a Man at Bingo" is inspired by what transpired in her life, from the experience she passed through, and she listened to her "naughty" friends’ advice to put down everything that happened and share the exciting experience with others. The story revolves around three people - a woman and two men on a luxury cruise in the Caribbean; an amazing and unique story, a "hot sex story."DisclaimerWarning! This book contains sexual expressions and can be very exciting in an erotic way! Read at your own risk. This book is exclusively for adults. It contains explicit sexual scenes with multiple partners and descriptive language that can be considered offensive by certain readers. All sexual activities in this book are consensual and all sexually active characters are 18 or above. Any reproduction, complete or partial of this works, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, including photocopying, registration or other forms of storage, without the written consent of the author, is strictly prohibited and is punishable by copyright law. The names in this book are entirely fiction. They don't correspond to a person, alive or dead. To protect the privacy of certain people, the names and details of the identification have been changed.
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