Letters from the Frontline: The Revolution of Post-Traditionalism / Mitchell McLaughlin,

Book Cover Letters from the Frontline: The Revolution of Post-Traditionalism
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/ Mitchell McLaughlin,
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What separates the great majority of humanity from the elite? How are we different? Only our knowledge. Knowledge grants us power, and that is why it has been withheld from us. They are and continue to be the elite merely for what they know. Thus we need an apocalypse, not meaning the end of things, but rather the revelation of knowledge. This has been my mission from the beginning, standing up for the people by changing the status quo. However, the culture and knowledge that we now have cannot withstand the revelation of truth. Thus our very knowledge base must change, it must transcend itself and become what it will be forever after, and happily so. This is the reason for Post-Traditionalism and Religion without religion, the latter so because traditional religion prevents the revolution/revelation we must now accept. It retards the foundation of new knowledge and prevents any cultural change from happening, for that would end that religion which it houses and is housed by. And religions don’t like to change, for such means a change in power. But once we are in the mode of championing truth and not traditional religion, then we come to see the need for this transcendence of a knowledge apocalypse. Indeed, history itself is nothing but the revelation and concealing of this very knowledge. Currently we are on the upslope, gaining more and more. And this is the reason and basis for this work, getting us to a point where truth can be accepted.
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