Black Cloud: A Vampire Story / Michael Gene Meredith

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/ Michael Gene Meredith
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James Heart was always a hard working individual. James was working on his criminal law degree at Harvard University. By the end of his time at Harvard, he already had his life together. He was already working for a reputable law firm, and he was getting ready to marry Kristina, the love of his life. Everything seemed to be going perfectly. That is until one day when James decided to go out to a pool hall with some friends from work. James had never believed in vampires, supernatural powers, or beings, until today, James decided to take a short cut through an alleyway to get to the pool hall. James soon realized that he was not alone. He turned to find, Charlemagne, a very beautiful Day Walking Vampiress standing there. She quickly took James prisoner. James is suddenly smack dab in the den of beings that he never thought were real. Christian, the leader of The Day Walkers, turns James into a vampire to help him wage war on The Night Stalkers. Many battles that lie ahead for James, but he takes each challenge as they come.
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