Spiritual Keys For Life: Unlocking the Secret Keys in God's Kingdom (Kingdom Keys) / HENRY APPIAHKORANG DUODU,

Book Cover Spiritual Keys For Life: Unlocking the Secret Keys in God's Kingdom (Kingdom Keys)
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The kingdom of God is divided into three sectors. We have the spiritual kingdom (Heavenly realm where the saints, holy angels and the saint’s lives), the inner kingdom (the heart of the Christian) and the visible kingdom (the church on earth). The Kingdom of God is controlled by spiritual keys because God is a Spirit. Every kingdom has a key they use to operate. In the satanic kingdom, they have their keys. In the animal kingdom, they have their keys. In the metaphysical realm, there is a key, Psychics use to operate. The elemental spirits, the occult, the agents of Satan, the Muslims, the Pagans, the Buddhist, the Shinto’s, the Jews, The Atheist, the Hindus, the humanist, the scientist, the free thinkers, the universalist, the Freemasons and other religious bodies have the keys they use to operate. Each Kingdom uses its keys to exalt their faith. The Christian must know certain rules and regulations that govern the Kingdom of God because ignorance of these deeper truths and keys allows the wicked to dominate.In this booklet, I have laid down deeper truth and keys every Christian must know to enable him to become resourceful. You can use my booklet as a teaching manual in your church and in various organizations. I have added four powerful chapters to the book to help broaden your spiritual strength in the Lord.
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