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NataliaDarling looked forward to her wedding...
     Ineeded to pee, so I waited for my best friend, to return from whatever she wasdoing, and help me find a larger bathroom stall. I wore my wedding dress, andmy nervousness wasn't going to let me wait until after my ceremony. If Willowdidn't get here soon, I'd have to hunt for the restroom on my own or spend theentire ceremony dancing from side to side, in these heels.
     "Willow Jackson, youhad better have a good explanation for not being here when I need you most."Apparently, she did, her hand was down the front of my husband-to-be's dresspants, in the ladies' room, in the back of the church. They both tried toexplain.

     But how do you explain that kind ofbetrayal?

     I'd scheduled the time off fromwork, and I had the reservations for Castle Cozy in my purse. Why shouldn't Igo ahead with our- correction my plans, and spend the time reflecting over whathad gone wrong.  

      My plans were going great until Iremembered I hadn't charged my phone earlier. My cell phone died, and I gotlost in the middle of a blizzard, while searching for the castle.


     I kept myself hiddenin my small, modern-day castle in the Adirondacks. It was modern compared to myfamily's castle in Kaliningrad, but it was mine and had been for nearly onehundred years.

     I left my home and family behind. Iwas tired of being called a monster and a bloodsucker. The deciding factor hadbeen my wife's betrayal. I couldn't get past that.

     The woods surrounding me wereabundant with wildlife, and though I knew I'd occasionally miss the taste ofhuman blood, I could survive on the blood the animals would provide.

     I was comfortable here.

     I had everything I needed.

     Until her scent permeated the air.

Follow Natalia as she discovers a world full of the monsters her fatherread to her about at night. But these monsters don't want to play nicely.

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