Zylar's Moons (Zylar's Moons, Books 1 and 2) / Ravyn Wilde,

Book Cover Zylar's Moons (Zylar's Moons, Books 1 and 2)
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/ Ravyn Wilde,
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Zylar's Moons - Zylan Captive By Ravyn Wild Book 1 in the Zylar's Moons series She is an Earthling who has mysteriously been transported to another galaxy, to another planet. Zylar is nothing like she has ever imagined. And yet, here she is-and apparently life-mated to Tar. If he knows what's good for him, he'll start doing some explaining: What are these gold chains that are attached to certain. . .um. . .delicate parts of her body and, just what in the hell is happening to her? She's starting to change. . . He is Tar, ruler of Zylar. He has found his life-companion and he's not about to let her go. He is going to enjoy instructing her in her new duties-duties she'll perform as a traditional Zylan woman. She isn't stupid so it shouldn't take long at all for her to learn to be submissive and to do whatever he says, when he says it. After all, Earth women aren't that hard to tame. Ah, life is good! Zylar's Moons - Selven RefugeBy Ravyn WildeBook 2 in the Zylar's Moons series Mica knew almost since Tala's birth that she was his mate. He waited to call the chains from her body and claim her as his, until he felt she was ready. Now he has waited too long. . . Tala had loved Mica forever. But he would have claimed her long before now, if she were his link mate. Wanting to be tied to no other man, Tala leaves to take vows with the Selven Goddesses. The links will be forever removed from her body. No man will be allowed to claim her. Not even Mica!
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