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/ Darrell L. Ross,
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Civil Liability in Criminal Justice, Fourth Edition, aims to provide a better understanding of the civil liability process, in response to the increasing number lawsuits filed against criminal justice agencies and personnel. The nature of civil litigation requires students and practitioners to have a working knowledge of both criminal law and the civil law process.
The book examines trends in police civil lawsuits; liability principles; and civil liability under both state and federal tort theories. It explains the legal concepts of immunities and defenses, and ways to reduce liability exposure through risk management. It discusses issues such as supervisory liability; failure-to-train claims; police misconduct and prisoner abuse; and the use of force by law enforcement and correctional personnel. The decisions of the United States Supreme Court and lower courts are used to illustrate how different cases have been applied to police and correctional situations.
The book was written for college students, academy recruits, veteran practitioners, administrators, and agency trainers. It can serve as a stand-alone text for a legal course or a supplement to an administrative course.
  • Due to increasing civil litigation against criminal justice agencies, students and practitioners not only need a working knowledge of criminal law but a firm grasp on the civil law process.
  • Hundreds of cases are referenced throughout the text.

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