Criminal Justice Internships, Seventh Edition: Theory Into Practice / Gary R. Gordon, R. Bruce McBride,

Criminal Justice Internships: Theory into Practice, Seventh Edition, provides an introduction to criminal justice internship, highlighting professional and personal issues. The topic is important because the majority of criminal justice programs in the United States have designated internships as either a requirement or a major elective.
The book is organized into four parts. Part 1 on pre-internship considerations covers the history and benefits of internship, and the placement process. Part 2 discusses professional issues that can arise during an internship, including the four stages of an internship experience, intern supervision, and ethical and moral dilemmas faced by interns. Part 3 focuses on the role of the internship agency. This includes organizational characteristics; the ways in which the agency operations and personnel are affected by political, economic, and legal factors; and agency effectiveness and its relationship to the overall criminal justice system. Part 4 deals with the assessment of the internship experience and career planning.
This book was written for criminal justice students undertaking an internship with a public agency or private firm. It can also serve as a reference tool for professors and supervisory personnel who will assist and supervise interns.
  • Updated with information on employment trends, potential placements available on the Internet, setting professional goals, and the pursuit of advanced studies.

  • Explores the impact of the Millenials-generation student as "digital native," focusing on both the benefits and the dangers of social networking, creating and monitoring one's online identity, and utilizing and developing important skill sets for tech-savvy students.

  • Applies the public policy concept of the "subgoverment" model to understand the complex relationships between criminal justice organizations and their stakeholders.

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