Blackout Reveries: L.A. Memories / Russ Pouliot, Kathy Pouliot

Book Cover Blackout Reveries: L.A. Memories
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/ Russ Pouliot, Kathy Pouliot
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Gene Stewart is a champion underground fighter and alcoholic living in the most beautiful city in the world, Los Angeles. He is not sure if he is living the dream, or dreaming a nightmare he cannot wake up from. His existence is the glittering Los Angeles nightlife, its alcohol and women. From his secret daytime identity as a gardener and long time surfer, Gene roams from illegal fights in Mexico to alley fights in Hollywood, boozing harder, ending up lonelier, emptier. For Gene it is one more fight, one more wave, one more woman, and always one more drink. He pleases the women, pummels his opponents, and hates his single father, whom he drinks at because he was never good enough for him. Gene revels in falling in love with and dating Kathy in a new life of joy, yet he falls again, going into the ultimate drinking spree, committing assaults, rape and murder. What's reality? What's a dream? Can Gene wake from his nightmare, or has he already?
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