Crime Scene Investigation Case Studies: Step by Step from the Crime Scene to the Courtroom / Jacqueline T. Fish, Jonathon Fish,

Book Cover Crime Scene Investigation Case Studies: Step by Step from the Crime Scene to the Courtroom
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/ Jacqueline T. Fish, Jonathon Fish,
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DNA does not solve criminal cases-people do. Investigators must document every action, photograph every item of evidence, and create a complete case file that can be used to convict the guilty and exonerate the innocent. Each chapter begins with an overview of the felony investigated in the case study and highlights a key area of crime scene investigation. You will then use the case studies to walk through the investigative process and learn by example to create accurate case files.

    • Learn crime scene investigation through original case studies that show you how to process and document a criminal investigation from first response to sending a report to the prosecutor's office.
    • Get up to speed on the state-of-the-art investigative techniques employed in the cases.
    • Practice your investigative and report writing skills in the "Your Turn" chapter.
    • Develop your critical thinking skills with questions that explore the nature of the case, the conclusions drawn, and alternative outcomes.
    • Access video, photos, and forms on the website.

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