The Projection Room: Two from the Cubist Mist / Carol Golembiewski

Book Cover The Projection Room: Two from the Cubist Mist
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/ Carol Golembiewski
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Years after an artist captures a macabre vision during World War I, his paintings unleash their remarkable powers onto a museum and all who dare to enter the Projection Room.

When fledgling artist Georges Bosque has a near-death experience on the battlefield during World War I, he believes he sees two men harvesting the souls of the dead and dying. Haunted by his macabre vision, Georges is determined to capture them in his sketchbook and, in his last days, on two large canvases. But despite Georges' pleas to destroy both paintings after his death, his family ignores his request, leaving the paintings with his aging widow.

Years later, his widow sells both paintings to a Milwaukee museum that is testing a new technology that projects images and allows patrons to experience art three dimensionally. But as the technology's inventor, Bruce Mallory, art director Geoffrey Cavanaugh, and his protégé Noelle Walker are realizing the benefits of the technology, two others-Ryan Barbieri, rebellious museum employee, and his friend, Michael Grout-decide to test the technology on Bosque's paintings. Unfortunately, just as the two young men discern that Georges did indeed capture something on the other side of the grave, their discovery causes dire consequences for anyone who enters the Projection Room.

In this gripping tale, two paintings hidden from the world for years unleash their powers onto an unsuspecting museum and a group of people completely unprepared for what awaits them.

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