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/ Vivian D. Lewis
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Troubles in My Way DO YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW HAVE TROUBLES IN THEIR WAY. . . . EVERYDAY STRUGGLES. . . . UNWISE CHOICES. . . . . NO PEACE. . . . . NO HAPPINESS. . . . . . NEAR DEATH. . . . Did you dream of having a perfect family - husband, wife, two children and a big house with a wooden fence . . . did you dream of having a lot of money and a fast moving car . . . you started living your dream and knocking down anyone that got in your way . . . you knew you were on top of the world . . . no one could tell you anything . . . you knew you were better than anyone else . . . you got everything you dreamed of. All of a sudden "one thing" occurred and shattered the walls of your dream. . . . . what do you do now? Witness a GRUESOME HIT ROCK BOTTOM TRAGEDY within a SO CALLED perfect family and watch as they go through "TREMENDOUS" TRIALS, TRIBULATIONS, AND EYE OPENING TROUBLES then witness the "one thing" that will transform their lives into TRIUMPH. . . . YOU HAVE TO READ IT TO FIND OUT WHAT THAT "ONE THING" IS! **LADY "V"**
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