The Ultimate Guide To Inflating Your Tradeshow Profits; How to Increase Branding, Recognition, Visibility, Customer Loyalty & Attract More Attention With BALLOONS! / Masori, Sandi

The Ultimate Guide to Inflating Your Tradeshow Profits, How to Increase Branding, Recognition, Visibility, Customer Loyalty & Attract More Attention With Balloons! is a book for business owners, sales people and anyone else who exhibits or host tradeshows. Author Sandi Masori is unusual in that not only is she a master balloon artist, she is also a certified marketing technologist. In this book, Sandi teaches you how to hire the right balloon company, why balloons can help you get a better ROI (return on investment) from your tradeshow investment, what type of balloons and designs to use for various purposes (for example, when should you use arches, columns or custom sculptures) and even some do-it-yourself tips, tricks, techniques and recipes. Besides discussing the various balloon options, this book provides marketing ideas so you can get the most out of your booth by integrating digital opt-in systems and social media. Most people think of balloons as something fun for birthday parties. That's true. They are also as an essential tool in your marketing arsenal. Here’s what Balloon Artist Joette Giardina of Party People Celebration Company in Lakeland, Florida, has to say about The Ultimate Guide to Inflating Your Tradeshow Profits… Just read Sandi Masori's book The Ultimate Guide to Inflating Your Tradeshow Profits- How to Increase Branding, Recognition, Visibility, Customer Loyalty & Attract More Attention; I think that ALL Balloon Professionals should read it to use the information in marketing to Non Balloon Professionals how our services can assist them in creating the WOW that Balloons create for Tradeshows, Grand Openings and more. Its serves as a GREAT resource for All Business Professionals outside of the Balloon industry to use since it educates EVERYONE how to use balloons to assist them in marketing to create a buzz about what they are trying to sell! It helps non balloon professionals know when they can handle a small balloon installation on their own and when it's Better to Hire a Balloon Professional to get the most Bang for their Buck! Here’s what Mark Zettler, Publisher of Balloons and Parties Magazine had to say: Here is a valuable book from a balloon dynamo that will help not only the novice decorator with valuable tips, but event and corporate planners who need to step up their event presence. Sandi covers the who, what, when, where and why balloons can make all the difference at your events, trade shows, store openings and lots more. Sandi wears many hats and wears them very well. Her knowledge of SEO is not only impressive but vital in not just the balloon world but for ANY business today. Read on, learn, apply and succeed. A great recipe for success!
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