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Minneapolis record indicates that 75% are successful in A.A.
- The A.A. Grapevine, August, 1946

In 1942, Ed W. began teaching the Twelve Step Study classes that helped the Minneapolis Group achieve their 75% recovery rate. Then in 1946, he and Barry C. (The first sober A.A. in the state) published the lectures used for these classes as a book. Initially titled The Twelve Steps, it was affectionately nicknamed the little red book.
Back in print for the first time in more than 65 years, the original 1946 edition reveals firsthand how some of A.A. s earliest members made the program their way of life. Everyone from newcomers to oldtimers will find a wealth of practical experience in this comprehensive guide to the Twelve Steps.

Praise for the 1946 edition of The Little Red Book:

I have enjoyed your little book very much & know that it will prove to be of a lot of help to many.
- Dr. Bob, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
From a letter to Ed W., dated December 29th, 1946

Everybody who has read it seems to like it very much which of course was to be expected!
- Bill W., co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
From a letter to Ed W., dated November 14th, 1946

In order to facilitate study by the broadest possible audience, all references to Alcoholics Anonymous have been altered to correspond to the Fourth Edition. No other changes have been made to the original text.

Don't be misled! Look for "The Original 1946 Edition" on the cover before purchasing. This is the only accurate reprint of the text as it was originally written.
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