Backstreet to Boardroom: Praxis for Success - Sagacity, Gaming and Temerity / Gillis, Harvey N.

Book Cover Backstreet to Boardroom: Praxis for Success - Sagacity, Gaming and Temerity
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/ Gillis, Harvey N.
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Harvey N. Gillis has created a powerful and insightful book that will enable you, through proven strategies and combative pursuit, to ramp up your company’s profits, thwart your competition, and advance your career. This business analysis and strategy novel explains insightful analytic methods and innovative maneuvers that you have probably never experienced. Through intriguing and entertaining escapades Gillis covers what it takes to succeed at business and your career. If you are a business student, entrepreneur, strategist, analyst, investor or executive, this suspenseful, provocative book will improve your game and provide a clear framework of the steps required to achieve corporate success. His exploits and nuanced gaming will captivate you. Gillis, a successful investment entrepreneur who is no stranger to boardroom bargaining, has won many high-level negotiating and competitive forays. In his book he offers up sound, direct examples of less obvious techniques that will help move companies from losses or mediocre profits to unparalleled performance and gains. This is not just a book about business acumen, but a mini-manual outlining numerous gambits on how to achieve goals and avoid adversarial pitfalls. Gillis outlines precise points with entertaining wit and real life anecdotes that also reveal an underlying admirable code of conduct. His corporate adventures include Memorex, Activision, Microsoft, Bank of America, Starbucks, Amazon, ATL Ultrasound, and Mosaix. If you read one book this year about parlaying situations to your advantage while minimizing risks, “Backstreet to Boardroom” should be it.
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