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So, you find yourself with your very own sissy to have and to hold. Now what do you do? In this book you will find information and instruction that will expand your normal hum-drum life with your sissy and transform it into an exuberating day-to-day, fun filled adventure! Lean to embrace the differences in life and enjoy them. Making a better tomorrow for yourself, through the development and enrichment of your sissy today. Mistress and Masters will develop a sense of pride in control, a love of challenge and a need to creatively make demands of your sissies that will fulfill many of your deepest secret desires. This is what being a true Mistress or Master requires and can be developed from within you and then proudly displayed to others through the use of your sissy. You should have no fears, no cares, no shame, only the desire to create a true sissy slut that brings pleasure to all whom they may serve. You are about to experience the life changing words of a Mistress in tune with your sissy, but still, you are the only one that can bring them to the forefront of your consciousness, acting upon them to create reality. You are the embodiment of every sissy's dream, your whims, desires and tasks there's to do at but a command from you. You have the power to create a heaven on earth within your own personal space; make it so.
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