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/ Michael Walsh,
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Daniel has lived his entire life peacefully on his mountain home with his grandfather. Then one day that all ends and this twenty-five-year-old young man is forced to deal with the loss of his grandfather and the knowledge that he may be the only hope for saving his country. The country of Now is in devastation. For years after the wizards and sorcerer war, Now experienced unprecedented peace. It flourished in advancements; socially, economically and technologically. Then the three-headed dragon, politics, greed and power reared their ugly head. Unwilling to deal with the harsh laws and restriction placed upon them by the government the citizens rose up and rebelled. The Great War that was fought between the citizen rebels and the government utilized all of the new devastating technology that the country of Now had developed and the outcome was disastrous. Their country lay in ruins. The earth and the people were dying as there were no longer any resources left to sustain them. Daniel is forced to come down off his mountain to find answers about his missing grandfather. He meets his grandfather’s old friend Gavin and his niece and nephew Marcus and Anna; wizards. They tell him an unbelievable prophecy that he has to play the starring role in but…to succeed he has to get through Peter—an insane, power hungry descendent of wizards—and the whole militia he controls. Gavin’s prophecy and the part that he feels Daniel will play in it is unbelievable. Will Gavin help him find his grandfather if he doesn’t help them fulfill the prophecy? Why didn’t his grandfather ever tell him about this prophecy and his part in it? What are these confusing feelings Daniel is experiencing for Gavin’s niece Anna? But does any of that matter if the end of their world is set to come?
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