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/ P. D. Alleva
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Paul Alleva's gripping and psychological thriller, Indifference is the story of Bishop, a man with psychic ability, whose hallucinations have always seemed more real than the doctors who tell him otherwise. But on one cold night in Manhattan, Bishop begins to realize his ability, his gift, could be bestowed upon him to help others. Though his doctors and therapists believe he could bring harm to himself and others, Bishop discovers he can use his gift to bring the light of God to those who so desperately need it. But when Bishop runs away from the medications and doctors who try to rein him in, he finds himself in the dark city, alone against the evil forces lurking within. Will Bishop succumb to his delusions, or will he decide for himself what is real and what his heart has always believed to be true? Find out in Paul Alleva's suspenseful tale.


Author P.D. Alleva is a trauma and addiction therapist in South Florida. He is the author of several books, including Let Your Soul Evolve, the acclaimed self-help book to overcome addiction. He lives with his wife, Lisa, and his four children.


Keywords: Literary Fiction, Mystical, Horror, Drama, Religion, Mythological, Schizophrenic, Paranoid, Psychological Thriller

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